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good music & good logos

Who killed my rock'n'roll artwork?

You may think that rock'n'roll logos disappeared with the collapse of the Twin Towers. You may believe that the good old logos only serve as patches on the back of the denim jacket of a 50-year old Iron Maiden or Kiss fanatic.

Nevertheless, at a time were most music's visibility seems be nothing but a megaupload, a bit torrent, a rapidshare link, music logos remind us that a good tune is a lot more than just bits and bytes you share at 300Mb/sec. It is a part of the entire identity of the artist. It translates their deepest inspiration.
Not only what inspired them but also and especially what they inspire to fans.

Strong identification to the band's artwork also means strong identification to the community itself. When considering a sharp, well-balanced logo or symbol, fans are no longer isolated listeners hidden behind their computers or iThings. They become part of a community of interest.

In fact, f#ck it. Rock'n'roll logos launched the 2.0 generation, decades before we were even conscious of the 1.0.

You may still think that rock'n'roll logos are old fashioned.
But you may want to think again.

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- Guided By Voices
- Pearl Jam
- Captain Beefheart
- Samuel Jackson Five
- Black Flag
- Motorpsycho
- Dungen
- Frank Zappa
- Jimmy Page
- John Bonham
- Robert Plant
- John Paul Jones
- Portishead

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