"Founded in 1959, FRUCOM is the official representation of European Importers of Dried Fruit, Edible Nut, Processed Fruit & Vegetable, Processed Fishery Product, Spices, Honey and Similar Foodstuffs.

Through its membership, based on national trade organisations, FRUCOM represents over 1.000 importing companies across the EU.

FRUCOM is officially recognised by the European Institutions as a representative organisation for the import trade and, as such, regularly consulted on all relevant trade matters susceptible to affect the sector.

FRUCOM cooperates on a regular basis with a range of organisations and institutions involved in the agri-food business.

FRUCOM is an active member of CELCAA (the European Liaison Committee for the Agricultural and Agri-Food Trade) and Eurocommerce (the representation of the European retail, wholesale and international trade sectors) via its hosting federation SACAR.

The FRUCOM secretariat is based in Brussels, close to the European Institutions."

50 years