A week of intercultural communication, non-violent conflict management and sailing.

Multicultural exchange for Israeli, Palestinian, Dutch and Belgian youth.

"Samen in Zee is an encounter for 27 youth from Belgium, Palestine, Israel and the Netherlands. It gives you a great opportunity to meet people from different countries and exchange personal experiences. Intense discussions will be interchanged with moments of relaxation and a lot of fun.

Apart from being challenged to work with a cultural diverse team on the small open sailing boats you will be part of a workshop-program on stereotyping, intercultural communication and strategies to deal with conflicts.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine will take an important position, but we will also focus on other conflict situations.

Facilitating organisation and initial founder: Con-Young-Tion (the Netherlands) Partner organisations: Globelink (Belgium); Cegas (Israel); Open House (Israel); Ta'awon (Palestine). Main funding: Euromed Youth Program (EU)"

they want peace too